Thailand: Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta in the low season is like a deserted island. I like spent my days here completely alone on the beach with lots of animals.

I ended up going to Ko Lanta, an island off the coast of Thailand. The island it’s self is pretty deserted at the moment because it’s monsoon season and it rains every day. A lot of the shops, hotels, and restaurants are closed at the moment because even the Thai people leave the island during this time. Most of the resorts are under construction because the low season is when the people have time for maintenance. It rains at some point everyday here but really don’t mind the rain at all. It’s really peaceful actually and it’s calming just like the island. There’s a lot to do on the island itself but I was happy to spend all my time on the beach and with animals.

Since the few days I have on the island are meant for me to relax, I got a cute little Bungalow Hotel room all to myself for only $7 at Lanta Sabai. It’s perfect for me. It’s close to the beach, close to open restaurants, and has a pool.

Every night on the island I treat myself to a piña colada and a sunset/ evening meal on the beach because I definitely don’t get to live this beach life everyday!

My days here alone are not even really alone because I find myself surrounded by animals constantly. There’s lots of cats and dogs wandering around the island looking for some company. The Thai animals are so kind and cuddly. They perfect company for me right now.

In Lanta there’s a place called Lanta Animal Welfare where they take care of the sick and abused dogs and cats they find on the island. It’s a pretty cool place,  I stayed there for a couple hours getting a tour of the place, petting lots of cats, and took a dog for a walk in the pouring rain. My favorite cat is Baghera who’s a cuddly black cat who loves belly rubs. It seems like the program is going pretty well. Everyone working there are volunteers from Europe in their 20’s. It would actually be a really nice place to think of volunteering if I get that opportunity. It was really a lovely day to spend a morning.

I went for long walks on Long Beach and Klong Nin beach. A dog found me on the beach one day and kept me company for hours. We watched the waves roll in and the sunset. They are very nice beaches however there’s lots of litter because of the off season. I have miles and miles of beach all to myself. I don’t have to worry about anything or anyone. Spending all day on the beach is my favorite, rain or shine. It’s really very nice here on my private deserted island, I’m glad that I got a break away from everything for a couple of days.

Traveling is exciting and exhausting for all the same reasons. I love it however I’m glad that I took a break away from everyone and everything. I don’t remember the last time I had multiple days all to myself with no obligations or responsibilities. Sometimes being completely alone is what I need because it let me absorb everything that has been happening and focus on myself.

Ko Lanta is a perfect getaway from the rest of crazy Asia, even though in reality it’s only been 2 weeks since I left Chicago.

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