Nepal: Countryside

The past few days were spent with the locals and trekking in Nepals country side.

We booked a driver and tour guide take us out to the mountains/hills. We went to see the Chang Narayan Municipality in Bhagalpur which is all under construction because of the earthquake. The people work so hard to keep their lives together. There’s rubble everywhere still.

We went for a long hike through the town and the country side for about 2 hours. We saw lots of goats, ducks, and chickens everywhere. Every house had a goat. We walked above all the farm land. Most Nepalese are rice farmers especially during the monsoon season which it is right now. We walked through the forest/ jungle after the little village, taking in all the nature we can get!

Our guide, Niraj, is fantastic! He’s super chill just like us. He lets me ask him millions of questions about Nepal and he doesn’t seem bothered by it. He also keeps laughing at me and Elizabeth and all our shenanigans.

After our walk we took a rest then went for another walk through the town of Nagarkot where we are staying. We sat and admired the sunset view for hours. This random Nepalese guy named Bishal joined in on our sunset viewing and pretty soon we were taking pictures with him as well. We also got a language lesson in Nepalese from our guide on the hill too! Everyone here in Nepal is just so nice and friendly.

Once the sun was gone our tour guide convinced us to try a local wine/beer with him. We just walked into a little shack and we got to try homemade millet and rice wine. On the walk home we had 6+ dogs following us back to the hotel. The dogs here seem to sleep during they day and are wide awake at night!

The next morning we went for another long walk though the hillside/ jungle. We saw so many little homes and goats, chickens, ducks, and buffalo. The animals for the most part are free and loose. We stopped for tea and said hi to some local Nepalese family at a random house by the path. It sounds simple but it was really great!

We got to take the local bus to Bhaktapur . We got a Nepalese lunch in a little shack cooked by the family who lives there. Our guide really helped us get the most local Nepalese experience we could get. The weather has been decent too, it was really sunny the first day and the second day was rainy, both days were pretty cloudy so we couldn’t get a really clear view of all the mountains.

We’re learning and experiencing so much every day in Nepal. The food here tastes so good and everything is so cheap. The city of Kathmandu is filled with dust but hilly countryside is so beautiful. There’s a huge culture change and it’s hard to explain, the country is very natural and beautiful, and the people are lovely for the most part.

Nepal has been great, next I’m back to Thailand!

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