New Zealand: North Island

First of all sorry for not being super exciting lately! But mostly it’s just me going to different places on the north island and going for lots of nature walks. New Zealand is easy to live in because well, everyone speaks English and there’s not really a culture difference. If you get bored of nature this is definitely not the place for you because the cities are like they are trying to be cities but can’t really make it up to expectations so getting out of them and going for walks in the forest is going to be the best thing you can do. The nature just doesn’t end but the sad thing is I saw a map of the country from 100 years ago till now and so much of the nature has been destroyed.

After Morgan left I went to Wellington for a few days. I met up with Irene and Lina for a day (girls we met on the South Island). We went to the Te Papa museum which is the national museum of New Zealand. After wandering though the museum we went for lunch on the famous Cuba Street which actually just has a bunch of bars and shops. Lina left to meet up with her friend again and Irene and I went up on the cable car to the botanical gardens on the hill. We walked down the gardens back to the city. Although it was just one day it was nice to see someone familiar before I’m truly alone. After switching hostels I spent the next couple of days walking around the very Windy City of Wellington trying to take some time to do nothing. One of the nights I ended up going to a free Canadian comedy show from this random Canadian girl who was handing out flyers. I have got to say, Wellington is by far the windiest place I’ve ever been to. And I’m still really cold all the time!

I ended up traveling up to Taupo with an American girl a met on the internet who had a car so we could split the gas instead of taking a bus. In Taupo every single day was really rainy and cloudy which really wasn’t what I’m looking for. The first day I went for a 20 kilometer walk alone Lake Taupo. The lake is a volcanic lake. In certain parts of the lake theses steam coming from the sand and boiling water coming up. Even though it’s really freezing outside the lake was decently warm especially in the places with the steam. The second day I went for a walk to see Huka Falls and some hot thermal pools. The falls were covered in tourists however the walk through the forest to get there was really nice. The hot pools were once again filled with natural boiling water flowing into the river.
After Taupo I took the bus to Napier which is along the east coast of New Zealand. Napier is supposed to be the Santa Barbara, CA of New Zealand but I’m not really so sure about that. The entire focus of the town is Art Deco from the 1930’s after the town was re built after a major earthquake. For me the best part of the town is the beach but you can’t swim here because it’s too dangerous.

The north island is kinda different than the south… but pretty much the same too. In the south there’s a lot of mountains and sheep. In the north there’s more hilly forests and sheep. In both there’s lots of twisty roads because you constantly drive up and down among the hills. There’s so much nature in New Zealand but the only animals you really see are sheep, cows, song birds, kea, sandflies, and more sheep. Basically if you know only one thing about New Zealand it should be that it isn’t flat and there’s lots of sheep. [envira-gallery id=”5933″]