Thailand: Islands

Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are pretty much opposite islands.

Koh Phangan is home to the full moon party…where backpackers, alcohol, and drugs run wild. It’s the wildest party on a beach you’ll ever find. There’s buckets of alcohol, bars, neon paint, neon people, tarot card readings, fire shows, and places to nap. It was a party filled with thousands of random people. I’m sure that everyone has their own story about this crazy party but I’m going to keep mine to myself.

We only stayed 2 days on Koh Phangan since the only reason we came was for the Full Moon Party. We hung out at a beach near our resort during the day and partied all night and that’s perfectly fine!

Koh Tao is the opposite, it’s the smallest island of the 3 and although it’s filled with tourists the entire place is more quiet. We spent our time on the islands checking out all of the beaches, going snorkeling, drinking coconuts. The snorkeling off the beaches is all about the fish, it seems like most of the coral is dying. The beaches that we ended up going to were: Freedom Beach, Tanote Bay, Aow Leuk, and Sairee Beach. Our favorite beach was Aow Leuk because the beach was nice and the snorkeling was decent too.

I got my first ever massage in Koh Tao. I really didn’t know what to expect at all. Overall I’m really glad that I ended up going. This maybe a funny way to describe how a Thai massage feels but it feels like someone is squishing you in the best way someone can possible squish you. It’s probably the most relaxed I’ve ever been and it takes a lot to make me relax even a little bit. I guess I just need someone to squish me to make me relax.

Most days on the island, not much happens but it’s definitely enjoyable. You can forget about me on an island one day and I’ll be just fine. Give me the ocean, ice cream, and a little bit of love and I’ll be happier than anyone else.

After 2 weeks on the islands we’re moving on to Vietnam even though I would love to be here for another 2 weeks.[envira-gallery id=”5675″]