Laos: Vang Vieng

In Vang Vieng we went tubing down the river with the best hostel in south east Asia so far!

So with overall I haven’t written about any of the hostels we’ve been staying at because honestly they have been less than ordinary. They have the basics…hard mattresses, bathrooms, showers, wifi, lockers, if we’re lucky they speak decent English and they have breakfast… but that’s about it.

So this hostel called Easy Go in Vang Vieng gets a special mention! This hostel is why our stay in Vang Vieng was great. Essentially it’s like any other hostel but the difference here is that the staff are amazing. The staff is why this hostel is my favorite in Asia.

So the staff… the manager Huw is on top of things, always keeping life in control but also being social but seemingly just doing whatever he wants.

The girl, Mel is a super star. She does everything, but is so chill about it that it seems like she’s just hanging out at home.

And Jack, I wasn’t even sure he worked there at first because he just seems to be the welcoming committee who gets everyone to be social. I’m not really sure what else he does.

And the animals, the hostel had a bunch of cats running around. There’s also a dog named Dodo who’s just everyone’s best friend.

Stepping into this hostel the staff makes you feel welcome and at home as soon as you come in. It’s perfect especially since most hostels in Asia, the staff usually doesn’t speak much English and doesn’t seem to care. The staff clearly cares at this hostel and it’s so obviously evident. The only downside of this hostel is that it could use some updates and renovations to make the atmosphere better and it definitely needs a deep clean.

At the hostel, we’ve had a movie night, we’ve had a game night, and we went tubing. The hostel takes everyone with to go tubing on the river. First they get everyone drunk by having all the guests buy cheap drinks from the hostel bar, then they put everyone in a tuk tuk to go upstream and get tubs, then everyone get in the river on our tubes to float to the first bar. Essentially tubing is a bar crawl on a tube down the river. Which makes it the most fun bar crawl ever! It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring rain or crystal clear, the fact is that this is the best event the hostel has. Everyone is super excited about it and the staff really helps make it great.

Floating down the river with Elizabeth and our new friend Jack…we just enjoyed our time and taking in the scenery of the wonderful mountains that surround us. Our tubing adventure down the river was an awesome day and a highlight for this trip all thanks to Easy Go Hostel.

Vang vieng as a town is nothing special, during the day it’s quiet and really rainy, during the night the town gets loud because of all the clubs.

Laos was a very quick trip for us. Although get too much of a feel for local Laos we really enjoyed the two towns we visited!

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