Pai: Thailand

“Love is all around”. I spent about week enjoying a small mountain town in northern Thailand called Pai.


Pai is a place that deserves a lot of credit! I recommend this place to anyone who’s backpacking Thailand. It’s really just a small hippie town in the mountains of northern Thailand. The place is great because it feels like a paradise of Asia. It’s very relaxed and beautiful. There’s lots of shops/bars/restaurants, and cafes all though the small town. Nature is easily accessible and you are always surrounded by it!

You can rent a motorbike/scooter here and see just about everything. We went to the south part of Pai to go see the canyon, the land split, a bamboo bridge over rice fields, and a waterfall.

Unfortunately Elizabeth managed to crash our scooter/ bike twice but it’s alright, we still managed to get everywhere we wanted to that day just with a couple scrapes more than we wanted.

After the slightly traumatizing accident resulting in a slightly injured and crippled Elizabeth… we decided it’s probably best to lay off the adventures for the next couple of days. We spent most of our days in Pai going for easy walks through town and the jungle. We found a lovely cafe called Espresso Bar which is awesome. We love coming to this cafe to read, write, and possibly sleep…

We found that rather staying in the hostels in town we preferred to say in a cozy private bungalow on the other side of the river from town. We had a lovely time relaxing in Pai before we set off into the rest of crazy Asia.

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