Bangkok: City of Noise

Hey guys,

Well I guess I’m in Thailand now! For those of you who don’t know it… Im taking a south east Asia trip for 3 months with my friend Elizabeth! We are ready and up for anything that comes our way! Or are we…? First up is Bangkok! Stay posted 😉

To start… I went from working crazy shifts every day at the hostel up till the day I boarded the plane to Bangkok! Only because I love Wrigley Hostel so much! I’m happy that I still get to be a part of the place I love the most even when I’m so far away. I already miss the hostel and my hostel family so much.

The flight in was super cool only cuz literally anything that could have been hello kitty was! I’m saying the pillows, forks, plane tickets, toilet paper, soap were all hello kitty! It made me super happy! Thank god because with out it I would have been a mess.

Our first day here was super chill since we were both exhausted. Our hostel was out of the city center and super nice. It even had a cute little cat!

Bangkok is filled with cars and tuk tuks and Motor bikes that you never know which direction they are actually going in. I keep thinking someone is going to hit us! We got lunch at a little local Thai place which just happened to have a cat chilling under my seat! Which was perfect! We just keep finding cats all over the city.

We wandered around Bangkok until we found a random kind lady who helped us cross the crazy street then managed to convinced us to take a tuk tuk all over the city. The tuk tuk was definitely a fun experience and a little scary at first. Our driver was super nice and took us to the standing Buddha, sitting Buddha, and the Golden Mount! All of these temples are very decorated with gold and elaborate decorations. He also brought us to two tourist centers which were terrible places to be, the people working there were so unkind and super unhelpful. I would have to say they are the worst part of our day and I’m not really sure why we even ended up there.

After getting some food we met up with my Thai friend who stayed at Wrigley Hostel in January on Khao San Rd. Khao San Road was filled with bars and vendors and street food. We didn’t stay out long since we’re pretty exhausted from the day but it is always nice to catch up with our old hostel guests/friends.

All in all Bangkok is so loud. It’s never quiet anywhere! It’s filled with people, temples, cars, and food. It’s actually a really exhausting city and we need to find some peace and quiet soon. But tomorrow we’ve got another day here so wait to see what’s coming next!

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